#UsedHelps - locals buy, sell and support here

A first for Canadian buy and sell sites, #UsedHelps allows you, our users, to sell your items online and donate all proceeds to the charity or non-profit organization of your choice.

Offering an item for sale using #UsedHelps is as easy as posting a regular item on any of our sites. The only difference is, when you place the ad, you click a button that allows you to select a charity to receive the proceeds of the sale (see the image above). For more info on selling with #UsedHelps click here.

As a buyer, things are a little different. You can email the seller for further information just as you can with any items listed on our sites, but in order to purchase a #UsedHelps item, you need to select the “Reserve Now” button and enter your credit card details. Your card is not charged, but instead, this puts the item on hold and notifies the buyer of your intent to purchase. Only when both you and the buyer have agreed to the transaction, is your credit card charged. For more info on buying a #UsedHelps item please click here.

Used.ca is dedicated to community partnerships, our Community Coordinators work hard in their cities to help those in need. #UsedHelps is an extension of this, but at the same time, is our charitable forerunner, a nod to our commitment to supporting locals and the organizations that help them.

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* When a donation is made through #UsedHelps, some fees do apply. Stripe, the credit card payment processor, charges 2.9% +.30¢ for each transaction. BeGiving.ca, the Canadian company that facilitates our charity relationships and provides the technology behind #UsedHelps, receives seven per cent and Used.ca receives three per cent. This three per cent is directed straight back to our #UsedHelps community endeavours, both on and offline.